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Benzstrasse 17, 71101 Schönaich, Germany

Telephone:+49 (0) 7031 75600
Telefax:+49 (0) 7031 756030

Internet: www.mivatec.com

PNC Inc. President, Sam Sangan
USA ,June 2017: PNC Inc. Invests in LED Laser Direct Imaging system from Miva Technologies
PNC Inc.’s ownership recently acquired Accurate Engineering Inc. in Sun Valley, CA. AEI’s primary focus is on high
quality flex and rigid-flex PC boards for highly complex applications including aerospace and defense. Customers
include Northrop Grumman, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, NASA and Raytheon.
“This LDI system represents a culmination of our efforts to find the most efficient equipment for each and every
department in both manufacturing and assembly,” said PNC Inc. President, Sam Sangani.

Germany, May 2017: Robert Lehmann iV Schaltungen
                    "We are fully satisfied with the technical support as well as with the performance and productivity
of the MIVA LDI system.  We highly recommend your LDI."

Heger GmbH Leiterplatten-Schnellservice, Norderstedt
MIVA 2610 DI Direct Imager
Heger GmbH Leiterplatten-Schnellservice is a well established and innovative German PCB manufacturer.
Their success can be attributed in particular to a continuous commitment to customer orientated quality assurance.
In early 2013 Heger GmbH expanded their hi-tech machine park with the purchase and installation
of a MIVA 2610 DI Direct Imager.
Katja Ranocha , C.E.O. and Partner of Heger GmbH:
"We have now been working for a year with our MIVA2610 DI and are thrilled!
Our requirements  regarding speed, precision, economic efficiency and user-friendly operation have been met completely.
The problem-free and smooth transition to our new mode of production was realised in full thanks to the DI´s
flexibility (it exposes  photoresist,  solder mask and film ). We are very pleased with the successful collaboration with
MIVA Technologies and would like to thank them for their fast and friendly customer support. "

TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF DRESDEN, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and
Information Technology, Institute for Microtechnical Manufacturing and Electronic Packaging.
MIVA 26100 ReSolution
Dr. -Ing G. Hielscher (IAVT):
“We have been using MIVA photoplotters for 20 years as part of our students´ practical curricula and for manufacturing
our lithographic templates. The quality of the equipment is excellent and the service from MIVA staff exemplary. Due to the 
demand  for  finer structures in circuit carrierswe are purchasing a MIVA very-high-resolution plotter (100 000dpi)  giving us a
device for implementing resolutions of up to 5 microns line/space on film or glass.”

CEG Alain Vendrell e.K. - Manufacturer of printed circuits and printed circuit boards, Ulm-Illertissen, Germany
MIVA 2508E T3
Alain Vendrell - Owner and Managing Director:
"The company CEG Alain K. Vendrell  e.K. has been working happily and successfully together with
MIVA Technologies GmbH for many years. We are very pleased with service, both on-site and remote, as well
as with the quality, speed and accuracy of our photoplotter. "

Leiterplatten Express Service GmbH Egelsbach Germany - PCB manufacturer since 1988.
MIVA 1624
Udo Meister, State qualified technician:
"We have been using a MIVA Photoplotter since 1997  and are extremely satisfied with both the machine, which works with
exemplary reliability, as well as with MIVA Technologies´ customer support, which, when (very rarely) needed,
promptly and reliably assists. Thanks again! "

University of Stuttgart, Institute for High Frequency Technology
MIVA 1624:
Renate Illi, Assistant Electrical Engineering HF Laboratory,
                    "We and our students have been working with a MIVA photoplotter at the Institute since 2002 for  the production of
high-frequency circuits. We are happy to be working together with MIVA Technologies and are highly satisfied with the fast and
friendly customer support and the consistently high quality of our plots"

Boguslaw Kubrak, technical director, PCB manufacturer ELPINPCB, Warsaw
"Our MIVA plotter is 19 years old and still working well. Congratulations on your construction work!"



MIVA Technologies
Product Specifications

MIVA 2025L DI duo

PDF Download

• Largest MIVA custom Direct Imager ever
  (imaging length 6 meters!) now five years in  

•  March 2016 Global PCB manufacturer 
   Somacis buys second MIVA L DI for US 
   Production facility
•  MIVA 2012L DI Hi Resolution Direct Imaging
System sold to BW Industry hi-tech research
partner  Hahn Schickard Group enabling fast
realisation of 12µm structures.

• First MIVA L DI installed in Saudi Arabia.
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MIVA Technologies GmbH
is a German company dedicated to development, production and customer servicing of Direct Imager, 
Mask Writer and Flatbed Photoplotter imaging systems.  Оur aim is to establish a lasting and constructive
relationship with our customers by offering fast, cost-effective production and service solutions.

Examples of the fields of production our customers are involved in are:

PCB production, Hybrid production, Chemical Milling, Optical backplanes, LCD panel making, Mobile phone
antennae, Car manufacture, precision etching (watchmakers), thick film lithography, fluidics, sensor design,
high frequency applications, chrome mask manufacture, linear and rotational encoders, precision graphics
and other printing applications.

MIVA flatbed imaging systems have been servicing worldwide markets for over thirty years.