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direct imager
A wide range of imager bed sizes, user selectable plot resolutions and graphics data compatability make MIVA flatbed imagers flexible in serving a correspondingly wide range of applications in industrial production and research environments.

Examples of the fields of production our customers are involved in included:

PCB production, Hybrid production, Chemical Milling, Optical backplanes, LCD panel making, Mobile phone antennae, Car manufacture, precision etching (watchmakers), thick film lithography, fluidics, sensor design, high frequency applications, chrome mask manufacture, linear and rotational encoders, precision graphics and other printing applications.

Fine line artwork
MIVA imagers offer a wide range of imaging resolutions (from 3 000 dpi to 128 000 dpi) Each single machine has three internally switchable resolutions. MIVA imagers at the high end of the resolution spectrum are logically slower than low resolution machines but offer customers the capability of imaging very fine lines and structures. The quality of the smallest structure size offered by any imager is determined firstly by the size and continuity of the minimum projected spot size and the accuracy of the imager mechanics which position the spot incrementally while exposing the film.

MIVA imagers have one of the smallest spot sizes available on the market (minimum is 0.8 microns) and can therefore construct very fine lines of high quality and with high continuity.

Precision graphics
The positioning accuracy of all MIVA imagers is controlled dynamically during plotting by 1,0 micron or 0.1micron resolution linear positioning encoders which operate in a closed-loop system ensuring correct pattern positioning over the whole plot area. If necessary, plot data can be pre-stretched or pre-contracted in 1,0 micron increments in each axis within the plotter before exposure. For customers working in unstable temperature environments, a temperature compensation function with an in-built sensor improves dimensional stability at higher or lower temperatures.

Stability of structure sizes is inherent in the projector system and is governed by the fixed-size DMD or LCD matrix in the projector head and the highly stable light source.

PCB production
MIVA Direct Imagers are designed to meet the varied needs of the PCB industry and although technological improvements have allowed us to address other market sectors, the PCB industry remains our biggest customer. Quality, speed, accuracy, compatibility, customer service, reliability and a fair price for new machines and maintenance are what the industry demands, and what MIVA Technologies offer.

Fine line artwork
Precision graphics
PCB production
Chemical milling
Printing applications
Glass & Chrome masks

Chemical milling
For standard photo-chemical milling applications a high degree of back-to-back registration accuracy is required when considering the use of film envelopes used to image both sides of the product simultaneously.
Single sided applications such as electroforming require excellent edge quality and feature size control and can make use of glass plates mandatory for some applications. Some advanced chemical milling applications such as LIGA may require chrome masks which can be cost effective in many cases where nanotechnology is being applied to everyday life (10 micron long metallized marker tags used as mixing indicators in the pharmaceuticals industry, for example).

MIVA imaging technology is available down to 128000 dots per inch or more, allowing affordable feature/space distances of less than 5 microns - this type of structure may not be required in every application but gives the user the capability to expand his operations to new applications now reaching the marketplace. Chemical milling companies using a MIVA imager range from mask makers in the UK to watchmakers in Switzerland.

Printing applications
Postscript compatibility makes the plotter a useful tool in straightforward realisation of silkscreen masks for general printing applications.

Glass and chrome masks
For very high media stability and when very small structures with high edge definition are required, glass or chrome masks must be used. ReSolution and Chrome class MIVA imagers are designed for use with flexible and rigid plot media, with resolutions up to 128000dpi offering very high edge definition and continuity with structure sizes down to 4,0 microns on small and large scale glass and chrome masks.